View Full Version : Audi A4 Electrical Problems (Please Help!)

09-23-2018, 11:22 AM
Hey guys! So, please read this entire thread, so hopefully you guys understand my entire situation. I live in North Carolina, and as you guys know, hurrican florence came through. I was lucky, and we didnt get hit TOOO bad where we live. I went to drive my car one day, and I noticed my corner lights and my side markers were on, and on my gauge cluster my hazard button was constantly lit with the arrows on my gauge cluster on (but not flashing). My key was removed from ignition. I assumed it was an electrical problem and opted not to drive my car and disconnected the battery. Fast forward a day later, I was working on my car to find the problem, (involved me constantly turning the key) and at my key no longer had its spring action when going to crank position. With some research, i assumed it was the ignition switch, went to replace it only to realize my ignition cylinder / housing is actually bad, and the metal rod inside actually snapped. ANYWAYS, I found a way to start my car by putting my key into the ON (Not crank) and using a piece of metal in the ignition switch to start my car (Ghetto, but works) however, I still have the same issue. Corner lights on, fender lights on, however if I keep my car running, my positive battery cable gets pretty hot. Not sure what I should do, any tips would help. Thanks!

EDIT: I should've done this before, but pulling the fuse for hazard lights fixes my problem, obviously this is not a temp fix, but my positive cable gets hot still, so I'm not gonna drive it until I get some more advice.

10-01-2018, 06:32 PM
If you are worried about the battery cable, I would recommend you have the charging system tested by a competent mechanic. He will use a special machine like a Sun "VAT40" to perform load tests that will check the capability of the battery itself, as well as the capability and status of the charging system (alternator and voltage regulator). The machine would be able to easily tell the system voltage and how much current is flowing through that positive cable, for instance.

As for your lights, it instead sounds like all of your turn signals are lit constantly. That is, not the somewhat dim parking lights, rather the brighter filaments of the turn signals. This is most likely a failure of the hazard switch itself. It is a very common failure item on the B5. Usually they fail so the turn signals fail to operate reliably, but electrical things can fail however they want. If you unplug the hazard switch and the lights shut off, I would recommend replacing the switch.