View Full Version : Srm dual pump audi b5 question's

09-16-2018, 10:42 PM
Hi there team,
I have been looking at getting a 3.5l proflow 2x pump surge tank setup but also looking at the srm kit, sooo many questions hahhaha,
I can't afford the whole kit as it comes to 2400 with duty charge on top, I'm in New Zealand.
So have been trying to see if buying the cage if that includes the top hat part for the fittings ect and try and make it up to be as good as srm would make it.
I'm not to keen on the surge tank setup on a few things, having to seal the boot space extra lift pump ect I thought about using the wheel well and making a wee lid for that not to bad.

How good is our tank compared to the surge setup ect would you be happy going hard round the track that it would not do any damage or go for the surge tank setup to prevent anything ect.

Vr6t 1000hp fingers crossed or close to, e85 on track days 98 pump otherwise - 8 supply and 6 return thanks if you have helped out :). I'll try n reply the next day or at smoko time

09-17-2018, 02:42 AM
Meant for you to post this in the 2.7t section and not 1.8t. Doubt anybody runs that in this sub-section.