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07-27-2018, 01:48 PM
INSTANT REBATE - NEW PHILIPS X-treme Vision Gen2 4800K +UP TO 150% HID XENON bulbs - D1S, D2S, D3S
During 7/27 - 7/31/2018, order a set of PHILIPS X-treme Vision series Gen.2 +150% HID bulbs and enjoy up to $100 of instant saving (compared to the MSRP).
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The ALL-NEW PHILIPS X-tremeVision Gen2 features 4800K color (slightly whiter than standard OEM) and up to 150% more brightness.
(During our actual testing process, we were able to confirm its greater lighting output on XV Gen2 bulbs but 150% seems to be over-emphasized but it's estimated to be about 70-90% increase, which is still a big improvement over stock.

If you've been looking to replace your stock/no-brand name D1S, D2S, or D3S bulbs to reliable Philips bulbs that are brighter and whiter, it's the time to grab the deal!
Visit us at hidconcept.com (http://www.hidconcept.com).

**** Below comparison photos and information were captured by true customers who used XV gen1 HID bulbs.
XV Gen2 gives the same lighting color but with even more brightness rated at up to 150% more.

FYI, see below comparison photos to see how it looks different from the stock 4300K (from our previous test)
(First comparison photos were taken from our facility. The other two actual road comparison photos were taken by AUDIZINE members. Many thanks to kappax12 and studioRS!)
There were rumors that X-tremeVision bulb gets whiter and brighter after 200 hrs of use.
To find out if it's a rumor or truth, we ran a test by having a X-tremeVision bulb stay lit for 9 days (9 days x 24 hrs = 216 hrs).

Conclusion: It's not a rumor anymore. It has been confirmed. X-tremeVision bulb gives whiter and brighter light compared to the stock 4300K bulb from the beginning and it gets even better as it goes through break-in process.
We're very satisfied with the result after 216 hrs of use.

We took a few comparison photos showing stock Philips 4300K D2S(lower), new Philips X-tremeVision D2S (middle), and color-shifted Philips X-tremeVision D2S w/220 hrs use (upper) to show you the difference in lighting output and color.
The photos have not been photoshopped and untouched except for our log being added.

Although we tried to take good photos, it is not easy to take photo of lighting.
The result is that stock 4300K is noticeably yellower and dimmer than X-tremeVision bulb and the color-shifted X-tremeVision bulb is much whiter with crisp white.

See more comparison photos posted by AZ members.
By homieelee

Comparison photo posted by AZ member; cjw.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@hidconcept.com or 1-888-579-5917.

Thank You,

Mike @HID Concept[/QUOTE]

07-30-2018, 08:29 AM
As usual, we received many questions via email and I would like to list some key features of XV Gen2's here.
These XV bulbs are rated at 4800K, which is just slightly whiter compared to 4300K OEM.
If having significant better color than stock is your important factor, please consider going for Osram CBI or CBB.
XV Gen2 would be good option if you want somewhat slightly better color and maximize light performance.

This rebate offer is good till tomorrow night.

07-31-2018, 10:32 AM
The rebate offer ends tonight at Midnight CST.