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04-27-2018, 01:02 AM
D1S/D2S/D3S XENON Bubls:
Check out our NEW Xenon d1s/d2s/d3s - fits all Audi models with this bulb type.

LISTING: New D1S / D2S / D3S Xenon Bulbs - Bright White - No errors - Fits: Many Volkswagen & Audi Models | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/new-d1s-d2s-d3s-xenon-bulbs-bright-white-no-errors-fits-many-volkswagen-audi-models)

Clean more modern look with a clean white color temperature

100% plug and play
Clean white meaning no burn in times, this will be a clean white from the first day you install it
This is a cleaner white color temp than OSRAM models we tested - see reviews within listing linked above for more photos



Turn Signals:
We have a NEW line-up of BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT Error Free Front turn Signals!

Due to variations it is best to look up what bulb you have either by:
-Looking in your owner’s manual
-Looking at the model on the bulb itself
-Bulb guide:
Bulb/LED Guide & Help | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/bulb-guide)

Check them out!
New Amber or White PWY24W Front Turn Siganls Error Free Bright Fits: Most Audi Models | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/new-amber-or-white-pwy24w-front-turn-siganls-error-free-bright-fits-most-audi-models)

Front Turn Signals H16 PSY24W Error Free fits: Most Audi Models | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/front-turn-signals-h16-psy24w-error-free-fits-audi-a3)

New Front Turn Signals PHY24W Error Free fits: Most Audi Models | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/new-front-turn-signals-phy24w-error-free-fits-most-audi-models)

NEW Rear Turn Signal OSRAM 3 Tower LED Bulb Fits: Volkswagen 08 Touareg | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/new-rear-turn-signal-osram-3-tower-led-bulb-fits-volkswagen-08-touareg)




It is very easy to figure out which footwells you need in your Audi:
Footwell LED Difference for all Audi Models | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/footwell-led-difference-for-all-audi-models)

Many Audi cars come equipped with LED footwells already but we created an LED that is brighter and looks better in your housing:
New LED Footwells for Audi models that are equipped with OEM LED Footwells | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/new-audi-led-footwells-for-audi-models-that-are-equipped-with-oem-led-footwells)

If you have NON-LED footwells we have you covered also:
2pc 6 LED Wafer Footwell set in Crisp White/Red/Blue Fits: Audi Models with the 194 wedge footwells | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/2pc-6-led-wafer-footwell-set-in-crisp-white-red-blue-fits-audi-models-with-the-194-wedge-footwells)




Bright error free REVERSE LEDs:

Plug and play LEDs - these are for all 194/921 Models! We tested these to work error free in all Audi models (except the Q7)

194 10pc CREE LED Reverse LED Fits:Audi A3/S3/RS3/SQ5/Q5 + Many More | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/audi-194-10pc-cree-led-reverse-led-fits-audi-a3-s3-rs3-many-more)



Interior LED Kit
We have much more to offer your car - we have error free interior LEDs that have become popular due to the way they work in your car - our Interior LED kits:
Error Free
Shut completely off when car is off (won't stay dimly lit)
These Fade in/out LIKE OEM LEDs!
Clean white - no blue or yellow tint!

Interior LED kit for the A8/S8 D3:
Complete Interior LED Kit [Crisp White / Error Free] fits: Audi D3 A8 (03-10) / S8 (06-09) | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/product/complete-interior-led-kit-crisp-white-error-free-fits-audi-d3-a8-03-10-s8-06-09)

ALL LEDs for the A8/S8 D3:
Shop by Car Model - Audi :: A8/S8 (D3/D4) | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/category/shop-by-car-model-audi-a8-s8-d3-d4)


-Please visit our site to browse all LEDs for your Audi:
Home | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com)

All LEDs is listed in the category linked above - if you have any trouble finding any LEDs please let us know:

Contact us at anytime with questions - we reply same day/within the hour and have weekend support:
Contact | deAutoKey (http://deautokey.com/contact)

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We want to share a deAutoLED facebook group created by some of our amazing customers! You can ask questions, find DIYs, and be the FIRST in on the best deals and new products!

//New testing of product will be going on and shared in the FB group
//Promos and discounts that cannot be found anywhere else
//New join discount code (instructions on how to receive it in the group - just ask if you do not see it and one of the admins can help you)
//DIY easy to find and listed in the group and have access to ask questions from actual customers that used and installed the product themselves
//Ask and suggest new products you do not see on our site - we have made many custom LEDs you can only find at www.deAutoLED.com

Join here:

https://i.imgur.com/sVUAZVg.png (https://www.facebook.com/groups/deAutoLED/)

We always have email support during the weekends - We know many do their LED installs on the weekend and we are around so you can ask any questions you may have. Email: Support@deAutoLED.com

Thank you for the support!

08-19-2018, 10:47 PM
Fog LEDs - bright error free:

Much brighter vs philips LEDs shown here - this is with yellow lamin-x on the lens:

Matches OEM Housing that are white / creates wide spread of light past headlights / takes over in fog shining more light down road:

Our LEDs are a clean white so when you place yellow film over it you will see a bright hyper-yellow light vs green.
No errors
No Radio Interference
​​​​​​​Light shines past your headlights and to the sides
Plug & Play
-True Lifetime Warranty & FREE Shipping!

10-16-2018, 07:27 PM
Faster shipping than many Amazon Prime products! :)

We ship daily with a tracking # from the US - we provide customer service 24/7 - our LEDs are tested and made to work in your car!



FB group for support/chilling with customers like yourself:

04-08-2019, 09:19 AM
New single yellow Fog LEDs out:

-Hyper Plasma 3K


04-17-2019, 10:37 PM
How it looks installed (nighttime video)


Get your footwells - easy to find your model quickly: