View Full Version : tool used to squeeze cv joint clamps; what's it called, where to purchase?

01-13-2006, 08:06 PM
I tried a search for circlip pliers at numerous tool stores, but it came up with no results.

If I cannot find them, anyone know of something that will work as a substitute to squeeze the clamps?

01-14-2006, 07:13 AM
I believe it's called a CV joint crimper. You'll be hard pressed to get the bands tight enough without them. I too tried many different tools, only to realize that the tool does the job.

I purchased mine for under $15 at my local mom & pop parts store.

If you have a NAPA Store or something similiar that will be your best chance.

01-17-2006, 12:11 PM
Link (http://www.mcmaster.com/pdf/111/0218.pdf)

01-17-2006, 10:04 PM
yea, those look like they would work well. I found a set as well at advance autoparts for $9.98. Thanks for the link though.