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10-02-2017, 10:47 AM
Ok; so heres the story:
picked up a 2004 S4 with the JHM Stage 1 SC on it, full exhaust, rebuilt motor, 6sp mt,
test drove, sounded good, felt solid, found a couple issues- seller was a bit of an ass and LIAR, A/C wasnt working- he said it only needed a recharge .

as I was leaving, traction control light comes on and then check engine shortly after.

seller said- its the MAF and it just needs to be cleaned.

I know I shouldve trusted my gut and walked when he wouldnt budge and i found the AC wasnt blowing cold-

get it back to vegas, take it to a great shop, run diagnostic--------- everything in the world comes up on this as failed-
main codes though were MAF

AC came up with first initial issue as pressure sensor- so I ordered that, hopefully it fixes it....... AC was completely empty btw

so, deleted the MAF code, drove it around a bit, pulled great, ran solid agin, maybe a bit of a fouled plug feel, but still great.
took it to get smogged-
fail;;;;;;;;; failed for O2 sensors, and other fails,,, guy said take it through its "drive cycle"- so drove it around again,,,,,, 60 miles later, trac light comes on,,,,,,,,,, then check engine,,,,,,,, limp mode.

drove it this morning, still limp mode, then out of no where trac light turns off and its running "good" again................ I had "tested" the MAf while it was idling this morning- idle sounded like a vac leak but couldnt find anything- so unplugged the MAF and it started running even worse, plugged back in and it smoothed out----- so I think the MAF is "ok" and maybe something else is causing the MAF code maybe????- i know with these audi's a headlight goes out and it can through a code for anything from sunroof to washerfluid....

heres some things ive found so far:
Radio "stays on" even if i press and hold the power to turn off- stays on meaning i can hear static through the speakers.......... pulled the fuse.
Headlight bulb is out- ordered new set from DDM, so dash screams at me about that, as well as the up down symbol claiming the height adjust isnt working...but it is.
along with the headlight though is a funny thing- even with the switch to "OFF" (O) the headlights come on..............

it has Recaro CS Sportster seats in the front, so obviously its freaking out a bit for the "comfort control"
the radio is I think a new version with navigation- suppoisedly out of a B7, so maybe he installed it wrong.

just talked to the builder out in LA of the engine- he is AWESOME and is a wealth of knowledge, apparently he got screwed just as bad by this seller-

If anyone knows Imran Khan- cell number 909-285-5901, you should let him know he is a punk, liar and karma is going to haunt him.

anyways,,, any insight or help would be great

10-02-2017, 05:59 PM
Today while driving it around the check engine went off all by itself, then about 20 minutes later the trac light came back on, no check engine light yet.

JHM is attempting to help by asking what the original purchaser was- but right now just gathering info- think it could be the ecu needing reflash? The car was off battery for a while Iím presuming while motor was being rebuilt by a really good Audi guy in LA; he and I talked and he is waiting for me to get a VAG com and hen he can help me.

Anyone have any input? Anything similar? Do I spend the money and get a new MAF?

10-02-2017, 07:24 PM
Wait until you get vagcom. Address the fault codes and go from there.

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10-08-2017, 09:37 PM
well this is getting interesting-
codes and trac light and everything went away by themselves this next time, cant take it on the highway otherwise the trac light comes back on
but it runs like a monster on city street.

so I ordered a new MAF, bosch oem, installed it, got maybe 100 yards before it threw trac light and check engine and started running like crap again.

put the old maf back on- ran good. went to show it to a potential buyer, on the way there........ lucky me- trac light, then check engine.

seriously- wth is going on with this thing. still waiting for my vagcom, but its really upsetting me- I am thinking either part it out completely or just sell it for whatever I can and take the loss.

what do i do?

10-15-2017, 02:10 PM
selling the car- not because anything is wrong- its actually fixed nearly fully-
life kicked me in the gut and just cant keep it.

trc light and check engine went off by themselves again after about 15 miles with the new maf, unplugged it and plugged it back in with the car running, then drove it, 115 miles later it all sorted itself ouyt.

put new plugs in as well, old ones were shot and 7 heat range, put 5 heat range bosch 4 electrode....... have done several hundred miles, mostly highway, and must say- WOW thing is an even bigger monster than it was prior. wish I could keep it, new headlight should be in tomorrow so that will fix that bulb screaming at me on the dash.

but as far as running---- probably could use new Oxygen sensors,,,,, but otherwise- its a monster and a half now.

10-27-2017, 08:09 PM
Radio - if its the rnse it will still have power for a few minutes after switching off and you can hear the fan going and noise from the speakers, this will turn off after the cars locked and its been a while. Something to do with having power so it can start up quickly? mine does this and I queried it originally and found info on the site about it.