View Full Version : Drain for fuse no.15?

07-05-2017, 01:18 PM
By battery goes flat all the time, so I pulled all the fuses one by one and measured the amp draw after the displays and lights had settled down.
The only fuse with activity was fuse no. 15, described in my German manual as "Kombi-gerät, Navigationssytem" which translates to "Multi-purpose device, Navigation System", I think.

Fuse no. 15 drains 0.27A, and there's nothing else draining as the draw on the battery is 0.00A with the fuse out. 0.27A is far too high yes? Alternator produces 14.7V and the battery is 1 year old, hopefully this fuse is the cause for the many flat batteries. Climate control seems and trip counter seems to be working. What could be draining no. 15?

Possibly related electrical issues with this car is:
a) Instrument cluster display is half dead, very hard to read
b) Driver side electrical window is bugged. Always easy to get the window down, but very hard to get it up. Need to pull the switch on and off many times to get the window to roll up just a bit.

07-06-2017, 10:26 AM
I can peek at my wiring diagrams when I get home to see what else uses that fuse