View Full Version : Different springs on raceland coilovers?

07-03-2017, 03:08 PM
Hey guys I've had a set of raceland ultimo coilovers for the past 8 months and although they are great in terms of lowering my ride the suspension is wicked bouncy like beyond bouncy. I drove in my brothers b7 2.0t and it was way smoother. I know I fudged up and went cheap but you live you learn. Anyways just wondering if could put a different set of springs on my ride or would that interfere with the struts? or even if it is the struts causing this issue. Thanks guys

07-03-2017, 03:44 PM
sell ricelands, buy nice, and ride right. [cool]

07-05-2017, 06:05 AM
How low do you have them set? Ride quality of coilover suspension is heavily dependent on ride height. The lower you go, the spring rate increases and the amount of travel the dampers have to work with decreases, among other things.

07-05-2017, 01:24 PM
I got about a solid 2 inches from the top of the tire to the body itself. So you're saying the shorter the height the more the spring works? That makes sense but I didn't know that thanks man

07-07-2017, 09:35 PM
It's the dampers not the springs. The dampers suck ass that's why your bouncing. Or you could be on the bump stops.