View Full Version : Brake bedding problem

06-11-2017, 06:37 AM
Hello everyone. So i've installed Ferodo Premier brake rotors and Meyle PD brake pads on the rear recently. Both decent quality and reputable manufacturers for all i know. Did it myself, but it's not the first time i'm doing it and i'd like to think that i know what i'm doing. Also changed brake caliper boot and all the seals & piston, making sure everything moves freely and will last long time. :) Freshly greased sliding pins and all.. Now, i am pretty happy with the performance of my brakes. No complaints. And no vibration, noise or anything negative that i could feel. Just feels normal & good. EXCEPT for the fact, that on a passenger's side, outer brake pad only makes contact with half of the rotor. [:|]

I realize that things like that are practically normal to a degree, while pads and rotors are still bedding and trying to work together, but it just takes too long, while on the driver's side everything looks nice and smooth. Tried to swap inner and outer pads, thinking maybe pad was defective, but no change yet... Do i have defective, warped brake rotor? But then why i don't get any vibration or anything? Like i said, caliper it self it's pretty much fully rebuild and checked couple of times. Should i just wait? Or have my rotor machined? I tried to pull on a handbrake and drive few meters, that left visual pad edge contact mark on a... middle of the damn rotor. [facepalm] Right where it stops making contact.. I'm adding an photo, sorry for the quality, was dark. Also sorry for grammar, not native speaker i am. :) Any thoughts would be appreciated. [rolleyes]