View Full Version : Mystery Box #10 is up and as always in LIMITED QTY - once we are sold out it's gone!

04-18-2017, 06:11 AM
Mystery Box (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/detailers-domains-random-mystery-box)#10 is now up and it won't disappoint.

https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2891/33306277813_931408e98d_b.jpg (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/detailers-domains-random-mystery-box)

Mystery Box #10 is live this one won't last long. *Limited amount of boxes will be shipped!

Thanks to everyone that has made this promo so much fun and such a great success!*

I would like to STRESS - The Mystery Box is great if**you willing to take the gamble, love surprises, love new detailing gear, love a great deal? *Take a chance and treat yourself or someone else.
Here's your chance to get something you may have never thought of buying before or receive something you love again!

When you receive the mystery box hashtag #DDMysteryBox and post it up on*Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/detailersdomain/),*DetailingBliss (https://detailingbliss.com/threads/detailers-domains-mystery-box-get-50-worth-for-34-99.30183/),*and*Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/detailersdomain/)!

Top boxes to look for:
1 Scangrip Colour Match Kit (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/scangrip-color-match-kit) worth $499.99
1 Nanolex Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover 10L (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/nanolex-wheel-cleaner-iron-remover-10-liter) worth $239.99
2 Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match LED (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/scangrip-sunmatch-led-color-match-light) worth $149.00
1 Kenotek Showroom Shine 5L (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/kenotek-showroom-shine-the-anti-static-detail-spray-5-liter) worth $90.00
1 Nanolex SIShield Coatings (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/nanolex-sishield-ceramic-coating) worth $79.99
1 Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/sonax-ceramic-coating-cc36) worth $79.99
5 Scangrip Matchpen Light (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/scangrip-matchpen-light-for-swirl-finding) worth $59.99