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12-19-2005, 09:40 PM
Well, I have done some extensive overhauling to get my '00 A4 to run right, and there is still an intermittent problem. I have replaced the main vac lines, new forge DV, new N75J etc. I would love some thoughts on diagnosing the PERIODIC sluggishness Im experiencing. (SEARCH = no help).


A good part of the time it runs great, purrs on the road and accelerates very well. Car almost feels like it pulls itself and accel is easy and very responsive. Engine noise at these times is minimal and turbo spool is great. These smooth running times can be abruptly halted by things as simple as going over bumps in the road or letting off the gas after hard accel. Suddenly the car will feel suffocated, as though it is beign held back. Accel is slow, and the engine noise is louder and accompanied by a sort of slight ticking noise coming from somehwere under the shift assembly or the e-brake consol. Literally, a bump wil cause an immediate slow down (as though you down shift when coming to a stop), and then another bump will sort of kick the car into gear and it will accel great once again. WIERD.


First off, I do not believe it is boost related. Although my boost guage is not installed yet, spool sounds fine all of the time. When it boosts well, it boosts hard, and there is no signs of leakage, and that would prob not be the case if it were vac line related.

I also do not believe it is DV related, Im sure I could be wrong however. I am only K03'd with and APR chip, and have the lowest spring rate Forge spring in place, so it should not have trouble staying open.

I have wondered though if it is either a clogged cat or fuel filter, hence the change in performance from going over bumps or swells in the road. Just cant seem to diagnose this with no codes thrown.

I would appreciate thoughts form anyone with similar probs or ideas of what may be wrong. Its really getting old [rolleyes]

12-19-2005, 09:53 PM
well I had a problem that went a little like this..... while driving it just seemed as the car cut outta gas just felt like I downshifted and put the car near redline...... I dont know if this is the similar problem with you but in the end it was the MAF sensor, and the little meter that goes along with it, and the other time it was the ecu that was messed up..... I dont know if this would help

11-25-2008, 12:34 PM
UGHH i have this problem and cant figure it out

11-25-2008, 12:37 PM
needs moar horsepower