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04-13-2017, 11:47 AM
recently Ive been doing some shopping and bought an remapped chip for my bone stock A4 B5 1.8t AEB man 5/1996. There is 8D0 907 557 (no last letter!) brick ECU (another numbers 0 261 203 550/551). These ECUs are only physically flashable, you need to replace PLCC32 chip on the board with another one.
According to information from eBay seller, new chip should have increased boost up to 1.3bar peak and should improve gas mileage and so on… same stuff like all other chips. 196Hp, 279Nm he said… Is it even possible with all stock components? I doubt about it but at least can try the feeling.[drool]

So I have tried to do it myself:

Original ECU in my car was manufactured 06.05.96 but unfortunatelly Ive bricked it by first attempt to swap original YELLOW labeled chip on the first picture. Im not sure why, It just died and Ive definitely physically ruined ECU board by another few attempts to re-solder original chip back. [headbang][headbang][headbang]

Then I managed to get another ECU manufactured 24.05.95 with GREEN dot on case (not sure what does it mean) and after opening it there is a chip with no YELLOW labell. Ive scratched another try to re-solder new chip because I had no other ECU and the car is my daily driver. [:/]

Until now, today I recieved another ECU to put the chip on, its manufactured 14.11.95 and after opening it, chip has same YELLOW label as my original one had (even with same numbers). Now it is waiting for tomorrow to test its workability and condition before trying another surgery.[cool]

And now the funny thing: I have feeling that car is considerably faster and more powerfull since I installed second ECU. [evilsmile]Im quite suspicious that it has some kind of upgraded chip already. [;)]
For me there is not any physical way to find out it its ever been chipped (you cant read data from locked eeprom chip and compare it with original ones), for now I dont even have the boost gauge to see pressure (can VCDS tell?)
Can it be some kind of factory/thirdparty chiptuning while it has green DOT on the case and no YELLOW label on chip? [confused]

Here is my ride before gentle lift of suspension andsome minor exterior changes.

04-13-2017, 12:28 PM
Those green or yellow dots might just be factory marks. You cant read boost on AEB cars with vagcom. A boost gauge will tell you if your chipped or not.

I wouldn't really trust ebay chips, whos the company behind it? I got my APR chip used off someone. Has APR marks on the chip etc. Your in Europe so your part numbers are gonna be different and you have immobilizers unlike US.

Yes those numbers can be achieved, the AEB's were detuned from the factory. As long as it is up to date on maintenance etc.

04-13-2017, 01:40 PM
Thank for reply, actually im not aware of any professional company in europe that is using self-marked chips. It is even quite hard to get proper chip because even some quite serious ones are "chipping" over OBD with no guarantees whatosoever. What a rubbish!!!

After some Digging around Ive assumed that it is not such a problem to make any changes in ECU programme, even with my hardware I should be able to do it, but Im lacking know how and have no wideband, boost gauge or quattro enabled dyno.

That ebay chip Ive bought is not any shitty shiny lableled box with three wires to confuse engine sensor but propper PLCC chip to swap.
Thanks to perfect customers feedback and price for peanuts I was not hesitating any more and just bought it. Even after I bought two other ECUs it still is much cheaper than any kind of untrustworthy chip around here.

I know Im so naive but I ike to play with my car no matter what ;)

Do we have a clue what kind (manufacturer and type) of chips was bosch genuinly using in their ecus?

04-18-2017, 03:08 AM
Mystery solved, green dot means absolutely nothing.
Easiest way to identify if your ECU is chipped is to check BOOST, with boostgauge. Anything over steady pressure 0.6bar is morelikely to be chipped someway.
Another way that works for me is the yellow label on the chip. If it is there it is surely factory chip. If it is not there your ECU is morelikely chipped too. After removing yellow label, there should be bright white letters and numbers partly left on the label. If your chip has no label and it has no bright white letters and numbers on it, it is morelikely chipped. Any modern EEPROMS has usually grey or dark white letters including manufacturer logo s if you have one of these, BINGO!!! :-D