View Full Version : Exhaust Question (upper exhaust)

Still Lost
12-17-2005, 03:43 PM
Ok so after doing my clutch and flywheel evrything was fine for ahile after the first snow I went through some snow that ripped off my scratch plate and my car was a bit louder and I had lost some boost in the turbo, so I figure I messed up my flex pipe b/c i had to bend the shit out of it when I took it out for the tranny..

I took it to an exhaust shop and they said ti was leaking from the flex pipe and possibly where it bolts to the turbo.

Is there a kit out there that would supply me w/ the piping and needed components (flex pipe, etc.) that I could buy that would replace from the flange back to where the exhaust splits into 2 peices.

BTW: I have a AWE/BORLA exhaust..if that makes a huge difference