View Full Version : PSA: Sourced cheaper inconel m10x1.5 studs

03-28-2017, 07:30 AM
I run Trackspeed inconel studs with Stage 8 locking nuts, and they come with a hefty price tag (like $125 for the kit). Want to run new studs on my new manifold and Trackspeed lets old customers buy replacement studs at $20/stud, which I have done in the past. But doing some internet searching, found these little puppies for $75. Cheaper than my "so called" past customer hook-up by a whopping $5, but not sure about shipping rates. That may determine the day. But for you first time buyers looking for inconel studs, here you go:


03-28-2017, 04:37 PM
I was going to run inconel studs after mine kept breaking. Then I realized there was far too much weight on my downpipe from a fairly unsupported exhaust.

Ma want to look into that Mitch. Either way, nice find!

03-28-2017, 06:00 PM
No issue since running inconel studs (you gave me advice way back then, and your advice is what cured my issue. b6 people assisted too, with a mix of b5 people). Actually scored a set on ebay today for $48 shipped. Had a talk with the guy via ebay messaging system, and he made me have a disdain for those who corner the market even more (regular guy just trying to make it day to day). Makes life harder for people like him. Told him I would link his ads on this forum board when he gets more, and he appreciated it. I appreciated the reminder of real life going on out there in the world. He does not know if they are 718 inconel, but he got my money for support regardless.

Tried to get them $10/stud, but didn't even bother with a counter offer to his $12/stud after conversing with him. If I'm thinking correctly, I brightened up his day a bit. That's what it is about at times. And at times...some people need the complete opposite for a reality check. Such is life!


But then there is also this, from the B6 section (made same PSA over there). Want to try and keep info comprised for those who actually know how to use the search function, in the future.

FYI, 3rd gen RX7's use inconel M10x1.5 studs... this is a copy/paste, so not sure how accurate the prices are, currently.

Downpipe Stud M10x1.5 43mm pn# 9YA9-01-002 $5.74
Downpipe Flange Nut (longer shoulder by about 3mm compared to Turbo Nuts) 9pn# YB1-01-001 $7.14

Turbo Stud M10x1.5 40mm pn# 9YA9-21-008 $10.24
Turbo Flange Nut pn# JE10-40-355 $4.25

Good info [up]

Edit: Just looked it up and seems a price hike has been applied. Cheapest price I can find for one stud is $17.xx before shipping. Still a great price and option, none the less.


But price of the downpipe stud is still cheap.


m10x1.5 studs are for T3 flanged turbochargers (not sure about t4). Those who run a decent amount of air/exhaust can have an issue when it comes to the seal of the flange. Most have tried a few different ways, and I personally tried the ARP hardware approach (spent a fair amount on these and gaskets, including milling flanges flat w/cometic gaskets). End of the day, inconel studs with the Nissan OEM gasket fixed my issue. You simply won't find inconel steel in your every day auto parts store. Thread was about sourcing studs in that material.


Issue was with studs and bolts always backing out the manifold. But with the Inconel studs, never happened but once to me (my fault). Since then, years of driving without blowing gaskets feels damn good.