View Full Version : What happened w/BBR group buy?

12-14-2005, 09:27 AM
I remember a while back, there was a group buy suggested for bbr sides and rear (I think the organizer's name was blackknight).

Did people ever go through with this? Everything go okay?

Just curious because I've been looking into bbr parts again lately...

12-14-2005, 09:53 AM
Since you posted in the thread, next time just follw the advice Anth posted.


12-14-2005, 10:03 AM
The past two months I've tried to take things into my own hands and setup a group buy with them. No luck. So then I tried just securing a rear for my own, no luck. Prior to all this, I visited their shop ( I had an appointment!) to pick up a BBR rear because they said they had it in stock. Took me 40 min to get there just to find out they don't have any. I spoke with one of their employees and he said they don't focus on Audis much anymore thus the reason why they are slow getting parts on top of their shop constantly moving so they are unsure of the stock on hand. Bottom line, I've visited once, called several times, emailed many more and have had no result. If you wish to try, good luck. I'm pretty frustrated with it all.

12-14-2005, 10:07 AM
thx for the info...too bad =/