View Full Version : HFCs, Res, and muffler w/ stock piping?

12-13-2005, 06:59 PM
Im about' to do my custom exhaust and i am on a budget. I have enough for high flow cats, resonator, and muuffler(all magnaflow). Its going to cost me more to get custom piping from the cats back, so I wanted to know if I should just replace each part and keep the stock piping. should I do that or is it a waste?

if i can do it...what size resonator should i get regarding the in annd out?

12-13-2005, 07:51 PM
600 if thats in your budget, borla full exhaust from AWE. if i were you id skip the hfc and get downpipe back piping for better gains.

12-13-2005, 09:23 PM
He's got a 2.8, there is no borla for that. there is the overpriced lltek brullen for like $150 more though. watch out for the cats though, they'll get you on the install there.

My opinion on 2.8 exhausts from my experience and research:
Biggest restrictions are the cats and muffler. The resonator is not really a restriction at all, just a noise suppressor. The stasis A4 12V race car kept its stock resonator in for reference. I personally have magnaflow cats, stock resonator and no rear muffler, just a straight pipe with some DTM tips. It registers pretty good on my butt dyno and ear as well.

I've seen people replace the muffler and resonator and it is extremely loud. I have also seen people cut out the resonator and just use a high flow muffler, and it's even louder and downright annoying.

This does apply to you even though you have a 30V and not a 12V, the exhaust systems are basically the same. Your engine is just not as raspy or loud through the middle of the rev range as a 12V.

One of the best I have seen is a single 3" cat conversion, but that requires alot of custom fabrication. If you just want sound, replace the muffler and cats. If you want it all, replace the cats and get the lltek brullen added to the end, i think it should just bolt up.

*And Turbous, check somebody's sig for their engine before you post 1.8T info on somebody who has a 2.8*