View Full Version : Help: Computer randomly resetting all the time

JP Roberts
02-24-2017, 03:52 AM
Dear Folks,

Ever since a friend of mine fumbled with the Instruments (17) adaptation channels though VAG-COM to reset the oil intervals, my 1998 B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Sedan AEB engine, has gotten into the annoying habit of resetting all of the computer readings (mileage avg, speed avg, etc) in the most random fashion. Sometimes it takes 3 or four days, some other times, just two or three ignition starts in less than 1 hour. In any case it never seems to reach 200 km without a reset. Each random reset takes place when ignition is turned (a slightly audible "click" can be heard) on, without having to even start the engine for this to happen.

Before this happened, I would always go about without getting a reset until I wished to do so manually (for example after filling up).

We have tried writing a "1" value to channel 00 in order to reset everything to factory values but without success.

This car model does not have the trip1 trip2 system, as pressing on the underside of the wiper stalk only manages to turn display on/off, and keeping it pressed for a second manually resets all the values.

We are now desperate as to how to get the old "behaviour" back. Can provide actual readings for every instrument adaption channel if needed.

Any help from the experts is appreciated.

Thank you all in advance