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02-12-2017, 02:36 AM
Hi every one I have a few questions about the surge tank 034 sell and what it can support on big hp turbo e85 use.

I wont be every day on e85 way to hard to get and expensive here, but I have been looking at surge tanks ect i like how nice the 034 is and can be hidden but what hp levels can it support I have never messed around with fuel setups just swapped rails and injectors.

I have a vr6 swapped b5 turbo aiming for 800HP ish range 2000CC ID injectors for e85 034 rail fuel lab fpr and when I had my 1.8 Setup I think it was the in tank cradle and bosch 044. I think the an fittings are -6 on the rail im this week getting the fp sensor and flex fuel sensor just wondering what your thoughts are?

Also with the tb sizing I dont have a ecu that can support dbw setup im trying to sell it atm to upgrade to support the e85 sensors the ecu I have atm is a link xtreme red g4 it is nice but trying to sell and get the vipec i88 as it will be 600bux extra if I sell my olde one. I have the 034 vr6 intake manifold thay were selling so I think from what I have been reading I can get the dbc vr6 tb but should I get the 70mm one.
I have had a read on issams tb testing and it show that 75mm is the good one but cant seem to find it in dbc design, the tuner here said use a nissan tb but wont 600 bux for it wow hay lol so any help is appreciated ppl
Thank you :)
Sorry for my spelling if its bad I do try