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12-10-2005, 07:30 PM
Was on my way tonight and was on interstate route 80. If anyone else knows this road, it has straight aways that last forever. Extremely safe place to see what your car will do. Anyway, was on my way home, just me a 1other car on the road. This a$$hole decides to ride my ass in some tuner car. When i speed up, so would he. It got to a point where i was doing about 90mph and this guy would not just pass me. A straight away came up, and i rolled off of 5th and just decided to see what it it would do before i put on the winter tires this week. I pulled to 155mph in a matter of secs, i saw it hit 155mph and decided it was time to back off. I love big turbos[:D]

12-11-2005, 01:04 PM
you are nuts.....wish i could do it though.

did the guy keep following you and see you do 155, or did he not pull onto 5th with you?

12-11-2005, 01:22 PM
Nah, he was gone till i slowed down and he past me at like 120mph.

12-11-2005, 01:49 PM
one thing about high gear sustained pulls. Your fuel cells better be spot on and your timing should be conservative or you'll run EGTs through the roof if the car was tuned for say 3rd gear.

12-11-2005, 02:11 PM
I was on 80 last night near new york or something. I wasn't sure where i was. I was heading home from hunter new york heading home near philly. Going through the tunnel on 476 i did about 120.

12-11-2005, 04:34 PM
damn. thats fast as hell.

i get scared something will go wrong after i pass 120

12-11-2005, 08:35 PM
Too many deer around here to do that

12-11-2005, 11:00 PM
When did you go stage 3???? congrats on that. Yea the 2.8 gear box with a BT is very fun. I also know what these speeds look like ;)

12-11-2005, 11:03 PM
i was wondering how he got to 155 comfortably

12-12-2005, 06:03 AM
wow 155 is SOOOOOOOO fast, the fastest i hit was 135-140 in my lude and that was way fast, things just fly by and you get tunnel vision its kinda cool. but very scary

stay safe

12-12-2005, 08:41 AM
I've gone that fast before and didn't get tunnel vision. Is there something wrong with me?

12-12-2005, 09:36 AM
do you get weak in the presence of kryptonite?

accidently see through things?

find yourself over jumping by a few hundred feet?

12-12-2005, 09:37 AM
you probably didn't hit the nos

12-12-2005, 10:14 AM
how do u turn off ur speed limiter thingy?

ive gone 130ish in my car and wanted to see if the speed limiter worked. it did.

12-12-2005, 10:30 AM
Originally posted by Scuba06Steve
how do u turn off ur speed limiter thingy?

ive gone 130ish in my car and wanted to see if the speed limiter worked. it did.

APR stage 3 software with a 2.8 gear box

12-12-2005, 11:37 AM
Originally posted by Poopie
you probably didn't hit the nos

[headbang] Knew I forgot something! I was expecting everything to get really blurry and was watching for my floorboards to come loose and fall off the car.