View Full Version : How much vacuum (psi) is needed to open Kombi valve?

02-07-2017, 04:34 AM
first time post. Debugging P0411 code on 2000 1.8T ATW. No VCDS :( .

Does anyone know how much vacuum is needed to fully open Kombi valve?

I had Kombi valve on the bench, making sure it was not seized, and if memory serves me well it took ~ 22-25psi to open valve. Also Kombi holds vacuum. During cold start, my SAIP pump works, N112 is open, and I measure about 16-17psi on the output of N112 (input to Kombi). All Vacuum lines from n112 and n249 have been replaced.

Here is quick video showing this sequence : https://goo.gl/photos/Qt2C8Q9vWwm8SGBA7

Thanks in advance,