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12-10-2005, 11:27 AM
About a month or two ago, I was all about selling my car. I was actually contemplating an S4 (which are no where near my area) or a Nissan Z (read: handling!)...

I have now completely dismissed ridding my car, because of the following reasons:

-It just snowed, and I love being one of the few cars on the road. =P

-APR released Stage III+

Alot of people arnt fans of APR, but I like their products and I think theyre as close to OEM quality as aftermarket gets.

Thanks to a safely tuned GT28RS (and no more hope for a APT elim setup), I think I can keep my hunger for power at a minimum.

Anyways, my questions are as follows:

-Best brake pads to replace stock (I am going BBK in spring, just need pads)

-Rear diff seal is leaking, expensive to replace? (Am going to, just want a ballpark)

-I have 17x7.5 ET45 B6 A4 wheels, with brand new Michellin Pilot HXM's on them. Should I rewrap my stock 15's in all-seaons, or just throw the Pilots/B6 A4 wheels on (for winter driving)?

-Regarding B6 A4 5 spoke sport wheels, they rub when I put them on, can anyone verify if spacers will take care of this problem? I didnt notice rubbing before, and the area where it rubs is at the top of the strut...

So anyone with B6 A4 sport wheels, could you verify whether or not you need spacers? Suspension was aligned and everything is fine, FYI.

Thanks for all your help, the sooner you help me out with these questions, the faster I can order parts!

12-10-2005, 04:04 PM
if you only need to make it till spring then chances are you dont need new pads (i come from a cheap family :) ) If your ABS is kicking on when you're on the brakes on snow, then your pads are working just fine. Save your money and wait til you go BBK.

I wouldn't buy new tires for your 15" wheels if you plan on going BBK. The 15's won't fit anymore and you'll be out some $ trying to sell them.

I have no idea on the rear diff seal. I hope i never find out. TJHUB and several others on here have B6 A4 5spoke wheels w/o any rubbing (and they are lowered). It might be the tires. What tire width and height do you have on those ?

12-10-2005, 04:13 PM
you'll be quoted $500 to replace both rear seals from dealership

but you might want to do it yourself. the parts are cheap and it doesn't look hard to do...just messy.

aw has a write-up on it.

12-10-2005, 04:25 PM
225/45/17 Michellin Pilot HXMs

Are those tires not the correct size?