View Full Version : For Sale: 2002 built a4 ie rods t3/t4 turbo .63 29psi e85

02-05-2017, 06:38 PM
I am selling my a4 cause I no longer need it... I am using it as a daily for the last 6 months but I finished my twin turbo a6 for my winter daily..
This car has a big turbo with garrett internals.... 830cc fuel injectors, s4 3'' maf, front mount intercooler, cast manifold, ie rods, cometic head gasket, custom tune, engine is freshly built only driven 6 months, spec stage 2+ clutch, New snow tires, s4 front calipers, all new brakes, slotted and cross drilled except one hahaha I had to change the rear passenger.... O34 transmission mount,
Currently been running e85 since I put the big turbo and injectors..
Not the best looking car but runs awesome and starts right up every time I go outside to go somewhere in the last 6 months...
Fully spooled by 4200rpm with e85 and on 93 octane 4600rpm fully spooled but to only 24psi... And 9 less timing up top on 93
Any questions 585 944 2723

Best offer right now I don't really need it... Or parts for my awd civic project if you have anything to trade...

Can't post photos here but text me I'll send you some