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01-29-2017, 05:35 PM
Before I purchased the RS4 I saw a lot of info on the manifold and the mods as well(this was in conjunction to looking at decarbing the intake), as I was looking I saw a few comments on how the manifold is a restrictor on power but I don't remember how or why if there was any to begin with, this was a span of several forums and I would have to find those links, some may have been from here.

I noticed that it can be split(as some of you may already know) and is secured by hardware which got me thinking...

If any of you are familiar with the VQ series Nissan engine, the 35 to be exact, you may recall that the manifold splits apart at the plenum and that the aftermarket provided a spacer for it to increase its volume which resulted in some pretty good gains. I have no clue what the clearance between the manifold to the motor is but looking at the JHM manifold spacer, I feel that a spacer would or could be used(say the same thickness as JHM's manifold spacer) to create more volume in the plenum area easily. I do think that maybe a 4mm spacer for the plenum would be adequate with a stock mounted manifold.

This is just a thought, anyone with the capabilities and machining one or JHM could produce one from the same materiel that the manifold spacers are made of. When looking through the site I didn't see a mention of this, but I may have over looked it....thoughts?

02-01-2017, 10:31 PM
Nothing??? Interesting...

I must be out of line. I haven't pulled the mani yet so I guess there is something I don't know or unaware of.

04-23-2017, 03:46 PM
I have a spare manifold with the plan of deleting the flaps and replacing the flap rod with an aluminum one, p&p with port matching the JHM spacers and maybe source a another TB to bore and port match to the mani. Will looking into a plenum spacer when the mani is split during the p&p.

I am not in a rush to do this and will be a side bar. I won't get started with this til later in the year after I have settled in from my move.