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pee quu
01-25-2017, 05:43 AM
Price update $15k as is

$10.5k no OZ wheels or RS$ steering wheel/shift knob

Featured in the November 2016 issue of PVW

New RS4 clutch kit, clutch fork, fork pivot pin, shifter rod bushing/seals as of Aug 1st.

2000 A4, originally 1.8t(ATW) 5 speed. Swap was done by my self and my buddy Greg "swoops" over at Hardlines by Swoops winter/spring of 2014. I did the swap because I had access to a motor that I knew was in perfect working order. Motor came out of my buddy's 2002 S6 avant and had about 163,xxx miles on the motor when we took it out. He got the S6 with about 90k. This was not a junk yard motor nor did it come from a car that was wrecked and sitting. The car drove to shop and left with a 2.7 swap. I have maybe put 10k miles on the car since the swap was done and that guess is on the high side. Motor swap was done to be "plug and play" the motor harness and ECU plug right into the body harness. All wire adjustments have been done on the motor harness side, no wires or harness have been cut or spliced on the body harness side. If you really wanted to you could drop a 1.8 t back in the car plug it in and start it

-2002 S6 4.2 340hp (oil changed every 3k or less with 5w40 MOTUL VW/Audi spec oil)
-full timing belt service was done when motor was out of the car, timing belt, water pumper, front crank seal, all the rollers, tensioners and dampners.
-new thermostat
-new o2 sensors
-new crank sensor
-new coolant temp sensor
-custom coolant over flow bottle
-valve covers are shaved and powder coated wrinkle red,new valve cover gaskets
-new cam adjusters and cam adjuster gaskets
-new valley pan seal under the intake manifold
-new intake manifold gaskets
-new throttle body gasket
-all new coolant pipe gaskets, on the back of the heads and under the intake manifold
-new oil cooler seals and plastic oil cooler pipe
-new power steering pump.
-new power steering pump pulley
-aftermarket power steering oil cooler
-all power steering lines and fittings converted to AN.
-custome one off power steering reservoir powder coated mat black
-1.8t aluminum radiator with custom adjustments made to fit the motor better
-2 electric fans mounted on the rad 14" and a 12" both run on dedicated power and temp switch to turn on at 180 degrees and not turn off till temp drops below that mark (even after car has been shut off)
-custom secondary rad mounted in front of passenger front wheel with a 3rd fan 8" wired into the two main fans.
-custom in line coolant filler neck with custom over flow tank powder coated mat black
-custom one off aluminum intake with hidden MAF housing powder coated mat black.
-stern motor mounts
-o34 aluminum intake runner adjuster arms
-o34 air pump block off plates
-B7 S4 motor cover
-new rear main seal
-2.0t coil packs
-034 2.0t coil back conversion plates (black)
-Battery relocated in the trunk
-RS6 coolant tank hidden in rain tray
-C6 a6 intake manifold

-Challenge Motor Sport stainless b5 s4 cat back 2.25 duel
-custom stainless down pipes with relocated flex pipes to eliminate them getting ripped under the car, coated with Jet Hit 2000 coating. v band clamped to meet the rest of the exhaust. 2.5" piping
-custom X pipe section 2.5" and v band to meet down pipes and stepped to 2.25" to meet the cat back

-full B5 S4 6 speed swap.
-new metal clutch slave cylinder
-stainless steel clutch slave line
-6 speed trans rebuilt with JHM parts (new fluid as of 4k miles ago)
-S4 rear diff (new axle cup seals and fluid as of 4k miles ago)
-RS4 clutch and flywheel (maybe 20k on it got it with the motor as the S6 was a 6 speed swap done by Tyrol Sport)
-O34 street density trans mounts
-JHM short shifter
-ECS rear diff mount
-rebuilt rear axles done with the swap.
-B5 S4 rear brakes and rotors Hawk HPS pads
-ECS rear stainless brake line kit
-B7 A4 front calipers
-B5 S4 front rotors Hawk HPS pads and custom stainless lines
-S4 sub frame swapped on to fit 6 speed swap and notched for oil pan clearance on the motor
-new rear axle cup seals

-OZ Futoras, 18x9.5 (lips 2.25 in the front and 2.75 in the rear) Radinox Stainless lips, re-chromed OZ hardwear and brushed faces
-Yokohama S-Drive tires 225/35 basically new
-stud conversion
-Vogtland coil overs maybe 20k on them
-BFI 21mm rear sway bar
-all new front control arms as of my eyes 10k miles ago

-brilliant black (original) resprayed 5 years ago
-volcano black roof
-shaved lower door moldings
-chrome mirror caps
-euro/ early A4 deck lid
-S4 rear bumper valance
-S4 side skirts
-S4 front bumper
-S4 grill
-hood pins with locks
-NEW DEPO clear corner headlights with drop in HIDs
-C5 A6 clear side markers
-new Depo clear corner headlights w/ hid drop ins
-new for lights

-Terra Cotta swapped seats. NO RIPS(leathert) seat backs and all hard plastics are black
-custom OEM Terra Cotta door panel inserts (leather)
-Terra Cotta arm rest cover
-Terra Cotta floor mats OEM
-black micro suede wrapped headliner, pullers and sun roof shade
-visors, oh s*** handles and all other hard plastic headliner bits are S4
-facelift S4 cluster, miles currently show 16x,xxx (DOES NOT MATCH MOTOR OR BODY) pixels are also non working.
-carbon fiber belt line trim ans shifter plate (REAL not hydro dipped not 3m wrapped)
-B7 Euro RS4 steering wheel
-matching RS4 shifter

-pioneer double din radio
-2 12" pioneer competition subs in trunk
-JL C2 interior speakers in doors and rear shelf (OEM locations)

-heat works amazing (custom bypass valve mounted in rain try to stop the heat from coming into the car in summer months)
-car passes NYS inspection, no CEL, ECU has emissions deleted and the rear O2 sensors have BFI 90 bend spacers
-paint and body I'd say 9/10. It has its little issues here and there , front bumper and hood have some rock ships, as it was a daily driver up till a few years ago but for a 15 year old car it's damn near perfect. No one believes the car is 15 years old when I tell them.
-power steering has a little bit of whine every now and then, ever one I have spoke that has done this swap seems to have the same issue.
-rain tray was trimmed to clear upper control arms
-under side of the car is a little scrapped up as this car is lowered and static
-there is a scratch on the hood about 5 inches long. I don't really pay attention to it since the hood is always open at the shows and you cant see it then

I am sure there are thing I am missing. I am not trying to hid anything, any questions feel free to ask

My asking price would be $15 OR best offer. AS IS wheels and everything and what ever extra parts I have This not a debate as to why this is too much or why I did this or why I did that. If anyone has comments that fall in line with that keep them to yourself and click a new topic. I do not need to explain as to why that is my price. If you know about these cars and things I have listed you shouldn't be wondering why that is my starting price. The car is also insured for an agreed value of $35 through Grundy Collector Car Insurance


Car is currently on OZ Futuras which are included in the sale. (for price listed)







More pics upon request feel free to text me 7186698012

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I know some one wants a nice car for the new season

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Wow.. wish I had the cash.. Gorgeous car, should go quick! GLWS!

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thanks man

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Car now has

-Boxster front calipers with Apikol caliper adapters and Apikol front stainless lines
-RS6 external oil cooler plate, customer external core with -10 AN lines and fittings
-custom one off oval exhaust tip and custom exhaust hanger system

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