View Full Version : Porsche wheels fit?

01-06-2017, 10:15 AM
Hy guys/gals. I found these Porsche 911 wheels that are 19" 5x130 and this dude is letting them go for a steal.. look to be maybe 2-piece BBS? He doesnt know the offset or specs of the wheel, the only thing he knows is the size. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with, or has ran these wheels (if even possible).


01-11-2017, 11:39 AM
B5 Audi wheels have a 5x112 bolt pattern, so first things first, you'd need to determine if an adapter exists to mate your 5x130 wheel with the 5x112 bolt holes in your hub.

01-11-2017, 01:26 PM
After you find an adapter. Go to willtheyfit.com and use their wheel/tire calculator.