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01-05-2017, 10:24 AM
Happy New Year everyone, so after replacing all the suspension parts on my A4 i decided to go ahead and replace the Shocks with either OEM or well known aftermarket brand. After spending a month of reading and research and talking to one particular Audi/VW online part store (well known around here in Audizine) i decided and was recommended to go with Koni Shocks 80-2800SPORT based on the compatibility and the VIN# at the same time maintain that factory ride. I asked the sales person of this particular online store to put together a complete list of parts that i need to finish the job meaning all the hardware and parts required to finish the job without having to use the old parts.

After my Cart was completed i was told i can go ahead and place the order and so i did without any hesitation knowing that the Cart was complete with all the right parts from someone who does this everyday. Five minutes later i received the confirmation email that the order has been placed but the Shipping date shows like it will be shipped after a month or so but yet its in Stock, i was well pissed off but i said what the heck.

Received the parts exactly a month later, started working on the front and first thing i realized, i have only been sent two Spring rubber Stops but each side requires two - one on the bottom of the spring and one on the top, regardless of that i went ahead and used a mixed of old/one new because they basically looked the same (not to be confused with Upper Strut/Shock Mount).

Then as i get ready to do the rears, i realized they forgot to send me the Rear Shock Bump Stops, my old ones are gone and just pieces of them left but luckily at this point i haven't taken anything part, so talked to these guys again and placed the order and of course they would ship after a week a total of 2 weeks or so until i received them. So i started removing the rear shocks (one side only) only to find out that the Rear Koni Shocks aren't exactly the same as the OEM in fact this is something that I'm extremely confused want to ask for your opinion so i can figure out if I'm right.

This whole thing started on Nov and here I am still not gotten the right part, so today i talked to them again and they sending me another part that they promise me it will fit but based on the pictures i have provided to them and the ones they are sending it again does not match.

Part# originally ordered 80-2800SPORT

Then i sent a long as email to them with pictures showing the difference which they failed to reply until i contacted them

They are sending me this Rear Heavy Duty Shocks #24-062596, but to me the bottom end bushing looks exactly the same as the Koni i have but they insist is the same....?

I need help with this guys again this new part isn't going to ship until the 16th even though it says In Stock - Direct Shipping, but if its the wrong part that i believe it is then i can just cancel and get a refund and be done with these guys.

2001 Audi A4 B5 V6 2.8L 30V FWD Base

Thanks a bunch,

01-06-2017, 08:07 AM
Do they know your car is fwd? The struts are different for fwd and Quattro

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01-06-2017, 10:26 AM
Do they know your car is fwd? The struts are different for fwd and Quattro

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Well, thats what I'm trying to explain to them, i gave them my vin plus all the information that its FWD but they said if your not interested we'll give you a refund, they seem so stubborn. They said the replacements are based on my VIN but to me they are not the same unless i'm missing something..

So i spoke to them on the phone because for some reason they never reply to my emails, anyway the Sales individual said these parts show that they fit your vehicle and therefore there is no another to way to check it until you receive and try them...really..[emoji15]

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