View Full Version : What triggers a P0012?

12-18-2016, 03:56 PM
OK so I have had a P0012 for a long time. I think it originally popped up at around 240k miles and I am over 275k now. At the time I was most concerned about ensuring the oil pressures were OK and they were OK (better than Bentley mins) but not as good as those that replaced oil pumps and cleaned pans etc. So now I still get this error code but I have an inspection looming. Honestly the car isn't worth putting much into, but if I can make it pass inspection I would keep driving it. So I am trying to understand this loop, when the CCT is driven to position on a cold start, is it internally monitored or is this position verified by another sensor? Just wondering if it could be a cam position sensor or something that is bad. Once before when I was looking into this I was told to check the CCT with VCDS to hear it clicking. Unfortunately I must not have the rights to do this test and as mentioned above don't want to put much money into this. Any suggestions? One other suggestion was to pick up a new CCT and swap over the solenoid to see if that fixes it. I might give that a shot but then I wasn't sure if all of the solenoids were the same from OEM to aftermarket.