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12-18-2016, 02:39 PM
Hey guys could definitely use some help here please! My wife and I will be moving to Malta with in the next six months and we all the logistical issues in Malta figured out like obtaining residency and car registration but we are in dire of help for one last item.

I hope there's some British members on here that could provide some insight. So we have decided to take our large golden retriever with us on the the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic to Southampton in order to avoid flying with him. Our ultimate plan if it is logistically possible would be to buy a used car in the UK and the drive to Malta with our dog. Would I be able to drive it immediately after the sale if the MOT and tax disc are still valid? Then once I get to Malta I know I have to register it there and pay the tax. Obviously I will need insurance and I have a friend that lives in the UK so could use his address to mail the registration to. Sorry for the ignorance but any insight would be very helpful. Thanks,

01-19-2017, 12:43 PM
Registering the car to a uk address is your only option to begin with. Then once v5 arrives follow this link to transfer registration out of the country


The car should be Mot'd (ask the seller) and will have to be taxed upon purchase from a local post office, unless you're leaving that day I guess 😏..but either way you should be driving away immediately, especially if you buy privately..

Autotrader.co.uk will be useful for locating cars around Southampton

Bon voyage

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