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11-23-2016, 12:14 PM
So I have had The Retrofit Source Morrimoto bulbs in my B5 for around a year and a half now.

Just wanted to comment to see if anyone else has experienced the same issues as me along with the horrendous customer service they provide.

What has happening was - after an extended period of driving - 30 minutes? - One of my bulbs would flicker and turn off. When I cycle the headlights off and on, they both come back on. For about 5 minutes .... till the other side flickers and goes out. Eventually after cycling them off and on (while driving) enough, both of them would turn off. Leaving me driving around at night with no headlights.... which is exactly what I want to do on dark back roads with my family in the car. (sarcasm)

I reached out to TRS to ask about the situation and to see if they had ever experienced something like this before, maybe they could point me in the right direction.... wrong.

They were pretty convinced that I have a bad ballast and recommended switching the ballasts from side to side.
This boggled my mind, - why would switching the ballast from side to side fix a problem I have with both of my headlights. - yes I explained myself clearly to them - they understood the issue.

Anyways. I did as they said, still nothing, exact same problem as before - who would have ever guessed.

Needless to say, TRS suggested now that both of my ballasts were bad.

- So I went to our local pick and pull and grabbed 2 pairs (4) ballasts out of junk cars. Tried the combination of ballasts, switching them here and there. Using every combination possible. Still having the same issue.
This time they suggested that all (6) ballasts I had were garbage and that I would need to buy new ones - not used.....

I convinced them that there is no possible way that I have 6 dead ballasts and they suggested that I need a new harness for my headlights and that I should wire in external relays........ I thought about it- realized that I am running factory headlights with factory ballasts and there should be no reason that the relays already in the car are not adequate.

I thought back to when I had my b6 and had my no speedo issue after installing a TRS Bixenon kit - turns out drivers headlight on b6's shares a ground with the ABS module. So I added a ground to a different location and the speedo started working. I tried this solution on my b5, thinking maybe its similar or something. - Didnt change a damn thing.

So finally after making me jump through hoops and stand on one foot while scratching my belly and tapping my head, TRS said they will send me new bulbs as warranty replacement. I just have to cut my old bulbs in half and send them a picture.

This would be fine and dandy if I had another car to drive in the mean time... Unfortunately this is my DD and believe it or not ( I know you probably don't ) I need headlights to drive at night....

So they made me pay full pop for replacements. Which was supposed to be refunded when I destroyed my old bulbs.

Heres where things really turn for the worse, they shipped to the wrong address, I updated my address in PayPal and checked out with PayPal but their website still had my old information apparently.

So they sent the replacement bulbs to someone else's house - I even went as far to ring their doorbell and ask - they denied ever having them.

Ended up getting really pissed off and ordering new bulbs off ebay for $6.... popped them in and haven't had an issue since.

TRS told me that once the package leaves their facility there is nothing they can do and it is my responsibility to follow up with the post office. - Called the post office and they told me the receiver has no authority to do anything and any claims should be issued by the shipper.

Anyways I sent them the pictures of the bulbs cut as they require for their warranty refund at least ... they reiterated that there was nothing they could do for me as once the package leaves.... What? What does that have to do with my warranty.... I opened a claim with paypal. Guess I'm going to have to go that route......... FFS![headbang]

Anyways Long story short. - If one of your headlights is going out and then the other one, with no rhyme or reason. - Replace your bulbs.......

Also FYI the bulbs I got from ebay for $6 were very similar to the Morrimoto Bulbs and have very similar light output. Wish I got a comparison shot.

11-23-2016, 02:33 PM
Had the same issue with XENON HID. If they tell you that the receiver has to go to the post office, they're way wrong. Shipper is responsible. Open a claim and be done with it.

Did you save those emails?

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11-23-2016, 02:52 PM
I believe that if you pay with PayPal and they ship to an address other than what is on the PayPal form that PayPal will cover you, I would recommend starting a PayPal claim if you have not yet. ( I don't think that I have ever typed PayPal 4 times in one sentence before )

11-24-2016, 08:34 AM
thats a bummer man. TRS used to have amazing customer service and, to be honest, set a precedent for me an the way I treat my customers.

Now since they have expanded soo much (which is amazing for a small upstart like this and I respect Matt@TRS greatly for accomplishing this) they really have made things difficult for customers.

Jumping thru hoops and run arounds are becoming standards and its a shame. Cant let your core values go to the way side, kills a business.

that said, I have also had many great experiences with them. But the increased hassle and ebay knockoffs made me leave the retrofit game. Too much Liability, not enough profit.

11-26-2016, 06:31 AM
That really sucks, I've been contemplating buying some of their 2stroke LED headlight bulbs but don't want to deal with hassle.

To be honest I've never had good luck with aftermarket HID bulbs, always flickering or going out. I think I'm at 4-5 sets in 5 years. Phillips or Osram for me from now on, the only set thats still going strong are some what I'm sure are Phillips knock offs I got off ebay and some Osrams that I've got in my wifes car.

If you've got 4 spare B5 ballasts PM me if you want to sell one or two, my brothers having some HID problems and may want to pick up a spare ballast for his B5.