View Full Version : Feeler: Lower Mileage Engine

10-11-2016, 11:52 AM
Wondering if there are any used engines floating around out there in good health. Mine is burning more and more oil due to valve stem seals and rather than trying to patch up/mod a 200k mi motor I would rather just transplant a lower mileage one (ideally <90k).

Must haves:
- must run or evidence it ran at last opportunity
- proof of good cylinder walls - no scoring at all
- provide compression & leakdown numbers that are within OEM spec

My ideal plan is to source said motor, whether its from a wrecked car or someone has it on a pallet, whatever. Then update any goodies as needed (timing, valve seals, fluids, seals, wiring, mods, etc) before swapping it into my chassis (B6 Tip).
Right now I have a tip but wouldn't mind trying the conversion if I was able to source a donor car or motor+6sp trans combo.

Does such a thing exist anymore? I feel I might be SOL trying to find a 10+ year old, low mileage motor without scoring [>_<] But it can't hurt to ask!