View Full Version : Electrical Help Please!!!

10-10-2016, 10:46 PM
Hello everyone, I am new to the AZ community. I have been reading around for a while now and wish i would have signed up a long time ago!

I am currently swapping a ATW engine into an 2001 A4 Quattro Manual Trans. AWM chassis. I just acquired this vehicle from a friend for almost free. The car came with a engine that stripped the t-belt. (stupid me, bought a engine based off the head that was previously swapped onto this motor. Didn't realize it was a atw head on a 06A block.) Right now the car sits with a low mileage atw motor installed with the original awm harness and ecu. I am using all the original atw sensors on the motor with the exceptions of the 06a knock sensors. i am currently having some troubles trying to configure a working crank sensor for my setup. Can i use the awm crank and knock sensors all together? Or do i have to use the matching sensors for the block that im using? I tried the awm cps sensor with the atw engine and got a code for no crank signal. That led me to swapping the cps over to the original atw cps and swapping the two outside wires of the g28 connector. (not sure if im understanding this procedure correctly,i compared the two diagrams between the atw & awm connectors and that is the only thing that appeared different. The blue wire stays positioned the same in the middle of both g28 connectors. ) At this point the car still has the awm knock sensors to match the harness and the atw cps with the matching atw connector with swapped terminals onto the awm harness. The car communicates with a scan tool but has no power at all on both ecu fuses and the fuel pump fuse in the panel to the left of the dash. I am pretty mechanically inclined, but electrical diagnosing is my weak area. I am terrible at reading diagrams. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please and thank you! I am afraid im getting in over my head!