View Full Version : 02 a4 1.8t Quattro manual starts then dies immediately

10-07-2016, 04:12 PM
So I bought this Audi the other day and have done a lot of research on it to see what this could possibly be. I have vcds but awaiting the USB to hook it up to my car. It seems like the keys the car came with are brand new. Along with the ignition. (Keys don't unlock car, but turn ignition on) I took notice to the dash and radio saying "safe" not sure what that means. Also check engine and etc lights are on(could the engine light be on because the cars not on?) coolant is low and and says gas cap is not on(but gas cap is on) I replaced the batter today and a couple of fuzes I thought were iffy. Also cleaned throttle body, tried to get to maf sensor but was running out of day light. The immobilizer light is not lit up. I suspect that this may be that the new ignition and keys aren't programmed to the car yet making it show etc on dash. HELP this new Audi owner plz!!!😩

10-07-2016, 10:34 PM
Ok I wish I could solve all these issues but I'll just start with ones I know. SAFE on the radio is a theft protection thing where you have to punch in a 4 digit code to unlock the radio, if you have that code from the owners manual. If not, you gotta take it to the dealer. Sorry I can't tackle more things but one thing at a time right?

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10-07-2016, 11:42 PM
Immobiliser is active.

The motor starts, and runs for about 2 seconds, right?

2002...is this a B6 A4?

10-20-2016, 03:37 PM
Well I got the immo delete that solved that, got the radio taken care of. Now the next problem arises from the depts of Audi hell. I think it's the ccm tbh because it's all electrical shit. Hazzards start flashing when I start the car for3-5 minutes than go out. And other things like safe on dash and some tail light bulbs not working. Sorry for 10 days later I got the app so I know I have a notification

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