View Full Version : 2001 1.8t A couple of issues

09-30-2016, 09:26 PM
Hey guys, I was driving on the thruway earlier and I had to pass somebody, felt like my car wasn't really picking up quite as much as she usually does. I looked at the boost gauge, and if I rolled into the gas, even at WOT.. The gauge would max 8 or 9 psi at any rpm, then drop off in the high range as normal. If you spike the gas from boost range (3k rpm +) it'll read up to 10 or so. When I first threw the gauge in, I was running 8 psi, turned out my diverter valve o ring was torn, so I regreased it with M1 pink synthetic, and bought a similar sized oring (wasn't perfect, but could be stretched and it would stay perfectly). Well so after that I hit 12 psi for the first time ever. Then I kept limiting at 10 the day after. I opened the diverter, oring still how I left it. 20 inches vacuum at idle warm, 23 ish at 65mph. No noticeble hissing or visible damage to any of the lines. Could the gauge be at fault? Diverter? (I have no clue how old mine is, and I might get a new one as a member here had advised me to do in the past).. I only just started noticing the lack of boost today. But seems to boost to 10 normally if you spike it. 203k miles, unsure if factory K03. 5 speed.

Another smaller, but annoying issue is a high pitch like buzzing from the back right at speeds from like 35-40+. I wouldn't say it is the fuel pump/filter, as it will do it at any rpm, but it gets louder with road speed. Its like a cyclical sounding buzzing.

Thanks in advance

Edit: the DV appears to be an ebay piston style forge 007 clone that is like $25. Red spring installed.

10-01-2016, 05:27 PM
If their spring system is the same as Forge's, the red spring is too stiff.

10-01-2016, 08:29 PM
So would too stiff of a spring prevent the DV from holding boost properly?