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09-15-2016, 03:27 PM
Doing LED bulbs ("10 minute job" = famous last words). While unscrewing the bulb assembly, the previous owner must have torqued the hell out of the screws, because the trunk screw mounts split apart. Happened on both sides of the trunk. Last week I JB-welded the broken piece back onto the truck....but sadly the fix didn't last when I tried to re-install today, probably because the holes must not have been exactly aligned with the light bulb assembly holes. They're now in multiple pieces, beyond repair. The bulb assembly itself is fine.

Picture is worth 1,000 words. Anyone encountered what I'm seeing below? Any ideas for how to rig up some sort of screw mount, or otherwise anchor the bulb assembly to the trunk?

I don't know how I could tap threads into the remaining plastic. Maybe get a skiiiiny little metal threaded sleeve into the existing plastic hole, and get a longer screw to account for the missing plastic? It's always the F-ing little things...thanks for the help!




09-15-2016, 05:47 PM
Buy a good used one. They're common enough to find out there.

Shouldn't be more than $30-40

Everything graciously mispelled by Android

09-15-2016, 06:24 PM
But where's the fun in that? :-)

Fiiiine. They're only $25 at ECS, was just trying to Macguyver something up by tomorrow for a roadtrip.

09-15-2016, 08:07 PM
MacGuyver Tactic: Clean the area well with rubbing alcohol or cleaning solution. Use a solder gun and plastic weld more plastic onto the existing plastic. If you want to be crafty for hardware threads, shape and file new foundation created. Drill pilot hole and use whatever method you seem fit to create threads with proper pitch for hardware being used. But really...it's plastic. Put a little elbow grease in it when threading cover back on. If the spinach you ate happened to be canned Great Value brand that night, break out the 1/4" impact. Done!

So many other ways, but that is for the clean finish without buying a replacement (which you should do anyways if you can get something like a cheap $5 ebay shipped deal). You can use plastic putty that hardens, fashion epoxy and let it dry, strawberry flavored Bubblicious dried to resemble that hard goodness your finger would accidentally run across back in high school (ok, guess I was the only one [confused])...or just use longer hardware (switch to coarse thread and create a new path) [;)]

Edit: Ok, now that I see what it is really going on there I suggest epoxy with the female threads placed in it. Problem and "hard part" is aligning it correctly. So at this point...JB Weld (for plastic) or putty for plastics that hardens all the way [up]. If applied correctly you can screw the cover back on, now female piece is aligned correctly, take cover back off and allow JB Weld (or putty) to harden and cure.

09-17-2016, 06:55 PM



Mad Cow
09-18-2016, 05:31 AM
I just used a longer self tapping screw as a temporary solution, that was 3 years ago and its still holding fine.

09-20-2016, 08:44 PM
I removed all that crap and installed, hard wired in water proof Motorcycle LEDs been over a year, 0 problems and I get a clean white LED look. Same tag lights on my GSX650F and that too has had no problems.
only thing left is the clear leans/ cover. (looks stock)
Ill try to find a pic or maybe take one.