View Full Version : Massive Oil Leak after head gasket replacement. (2.8l ATQ)

09-10-2016, 02:22 PM
Hello everyone,

Long story short my accessory fan failed and I overheated my car and blew a headgasket.

I have spent the past 2 weeks tearing this apart and putting it back together.

I took my time when putting everything back together. I tightened the head bolts in 4 passes. 30nm, 60nm, 1/4 turn and then another 1/4 turn as per specs I found.

I started the car this morning after turning it over a few times without the coilpack plugged in.

When I started the car i did start right up HOWEVER, I has a MASSIVE oil leak. Within about 10 seconds of running I lost about 1/2 quart of oil.

The oil ran down both the back and front of the engine, I spotted it when heard a gushing sound. I looked down into the valley behind the power steering pump and I could visibly see oil gushing into that area from somewhere in the engine valley.

I did both gaskets and had both heads resurfaced. I cleaned the block to the best of my ability. There were very light marks left from the old gasket but nothing that could be felt or picked at.

Unfortunately I did not check the block for flatness which may have been my down fall.

The car still ran before I pulled it apart, it just blew a good amount of white smoke.

I pulled the intake manifold off but I can't spot any definite sources. Oil was pulled up on top of the bolts that secure the power steering pump bracket so the leak has some serious pressure behind it.

I was going to try and turn it over to build pressure with the manifold off but I can't get it to turn over.

Where should I begin looking? Or am I totally screwed.