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08-06-2016, 03:43 PM
Bro in law has a 2001 A4 1.8t quattro tip and his power locks are acting up, so I got a new locking pump thinking it would fix it all and went to install, circuit board was toasted on the old pump and black wiring connector had a melted red wire which according to my bentley is ign feed, got a pigtail from a car at the wrecker and de pinned original one and transfered over all the useable wires and stripped and connected new red wire into the car harness. Fixed all the problems, pump runs for 3 seconds doing whatever its gotta do lock/unlock and all seems well.

go to start the car up and all is well, when I shut the car off and remove the key it stays running, if I unplug the central locking pump then the car shuts off, if I install the old pump all is well, since I was thinking while I was at the wrecker I got 2 pumps and both do the same thing so the "new" pump isnt causing the problem. I also removed the new red IGN wire from the connector for trouble shooting thinking maybe it was backfeeding into the IGN switch keeping the car running but that didnt help either. The thread I found on audiworld said they changed the ign switch 3 times and no change, I'm willing to bet the switch in this car is good as well since it all stems from the locking pump.

has anyone ever had this problem before? I'm stumped, a quick google search led me to the brake light switch, so I unplugged it, car still stayed running. No weird engine codes aside from SAI and a p0172, old lock pump is fried and my vcds won't connect to it, with the new pump tho it connects just fine.

I'm really stumped here and I'd like to get this fixed asap since the old lock pump doesnt detect driver door opening and re arms the alarm after 30 seconds of unlocking the car and the 4 ways randomly start flashing while driving since the "alarm" is going off, I've unplugged the alarm siren.

08-10-2016, 07:29 AM
anyone had this problem, looking at the wiring diagram I can't even see what would be back feeding to cause the ign to stay live with the locking pump plugged in.