View Full Version : ST Coilover rebuild

07-26-2016, 10:35 AM
Anyone have info on where i can get shock replacement parts?

My front St coilover struts seem to be leaking fluid and lost pretty much all ride quality, i cannot find my original receipt from when i bought them, so warranty from them is pretty much out the window. I called ST about repair, price started at $130 ea/ plus shipping and 3-5 week turn around.. i cannot have my car down for that length of time. and that price seems a little high for still having a used body and old spring, when a new set of racelands or FK coilovers isnt much more.

I inquired about replacement parts as i have a friend who can rebuild them, but ST told me they will not sell replacement parts, which is kind of bull shit.

So, anyone have any info or suggestions?