View Full Version : Question about wiring fogs w/o stock headlight fogs. NEED HELP

10-30-2005, 04:14 PM
Hey guys,
This is actually my brother's s/n, he drives a '96 A4. I own a '96 Nissan Maxima (5 speed, of course[:D] ). Anyways, he bought a set of LLTEK integrated foglights (link: http://lltek.com/fog.htm), and installed them recently. Unfortunately for him, his OEM headlight foglights never worked, and hence, when he tapped into those wires for power to the new fogs, he didn't get any power. Later, he found out his Vacuum pump went out, damaging a few components in his car, and since it was going to be so expensive to fix, the original owner said forget it, and had them remove the wiring. Some of the damaged components were the factory alarm, some interior lights, and the fog light wiring.
My suggestion to him is wire his foglights so that they come on when he turns his parking lights or headlights, so bypassing the factory foglight switch alltogether. We'd run some 18 ga. or so wire. (This is how I rewired my fogs to run with my parking lights and high beams, and not just the low beam headlights).

What I need to know is where I can tap into the parking lights for power. A diagram would be great, but a good description would work too. Does anyone see a problem with this kind of wiring?

In simple, tapping into the parking lights power source would turn the fogs on with the parking lights; the fogs wouldn't run independantly of everything.

Thanks for any help,
BigLou93SE on Maxima.org