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03-14-2016, 11:17 AM
So I have a 2010 A6 3.0 Prestige with 57k where CPO warranty ended last November. Had the car for 3.5 years and only put a whopping 16k on it due to company car from my previous job. With that said, now I will be driving the car heard of horror stories and some great ones with no issues. I remember when it was under warranty the stupid plastic hazard cover broke (clips). Went to dealer and the cost like $150 and was like OMFG seriously for a plastic cover. Anyways, been getting crazy quotes with dealer and none dealer. Since it is an older car and CPO warranty expired it is an arm and a leg and some.

Long story short, bought the warranty where I did only paid $500 over remit. It was $2,800 remit (wholesale) and a whopping $5,500 retail.

A week later, my driver door actuator / locking mechanism is not working and always complained about my bi level headlamps. Took it in for service where they said they also diagnosed the car where the camshaft positioning was off and CEL was going to turn on eventually. I was like wtf and my first question was that its covered right? Yes it was. So car is still in shop and total cost is $1,900 plus tax. ($600 door actuator, $800 for camshaft, and $500 for reprogramming and aligning headlamp). Out of pocket is $100 deductible. Granted is done at the Stealership and would've probably cost a little more than half the amount at my personal mechanic. But still, buying warranty for expensive car i think is worth it. In a week i've exhausted already $1,900. And the things that broke are fairly minor. Imagine your MMI or some kind of powertrain.

Anyways, wanted to share my experience. So in two years or 81k I've got something to think about again. Probably get the SQ7 TDI by then =).

03-24-2016, 05:08 AM
Thanks for sharing. Mine (CPO warranty) ends in November, so I will start shopping around. Btw, you bought coverage from local dealership?

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03-27-2016, 11:09 AM
Got another year on my 2011. Hoping the SQ7 TDI to be here by then... ;)