View Full Version : Rear end shake mystery

03-05-2016, 08:31 AM
It's been going on for a week or so and I've been trying to assess the patterns of what it could be, doesn't seem to be getting any worse yet and it can be worked around. Thought it was a bunch of snow packed in the wheels at first. Then had 2yr old rear tires replaced and alignment. Still there. If accelerating up a hill in particular, it will do this failing cv axle type thing from the rear of the car, you can feel it in the seat more than the steering wheel. But you have to goose it on a downhill to feel it. And when it gets a case of the shakes it doesn't go away till whatever it is settles itself. Also giving the clutch a little bump seems to knock something around when it gets to shaking real hard and it goes away for a while. Haha. Probably not very practical but it only happens once or so in a 20 mile commute.

Driver front half-shaft is a year or so old, pass side was recently changed but before this new issue. Rear bearings are less than 2yrs old. Clutch job was 3k miles ago...just throwing out anything that might be worth mentioning? Drive shaft u joints? Do the rear half-shafts cut loose sometimes? 243k miles so your guess is much better than mine.