View Full Version : 2005 3.2l Carbin Cleaning fiasco with multi-part questions

02-18-2016, 04:19 AM
So I've had a host of problems over the past year, starting with a P0296, an intermittent ESP fault that has become almost constant, and an electrical bug that I just can't isolate. I T/S the fuel pump to a bad electrical connection on the pump it's self, and am in the process of changing it out. As I pulled the upper intake manifold there was a strong odor of gas coming from the fuel runner, and there was some sort of fluid all over the seating surface of the manifold. It smells like a combination of gas and oil, and has the same consistency of oil. I set the manifold aside to change out the HPFP, and as I was removing the front coolant pipe from the head, one of the flanges snapped. I can only assume that I torqued a little too much on it. So, that's in the mail and I expect it tomorrow. I'm going to tackle the carbon cleaning today, and wanted to ask if anyone had any insight into what could be causing the oil/gas mixture on the manifold.

I also plan on cleaning the fuel injectors, replace the VC gaskets(leaking into the sparkplug well), reseal the timing chain covers (leaking), flush the coolant system, flush the brakes, and finally attempt to find my electrical gremlin.

Is there anything else I should tackle while I've got the Intake Manifold, VC and coolant system removed/open?

02-18-2016, 06:35 AM
I just did a carbon cleaning on mine last week. I dont really know what you have down in the valley of your block, but a few things come to my mind. Could be leaky fuel injectors (replace o rings) or it could be oil vapors pushing out of your valve cover gaskets, pcv vlave at the back of the intake (also replace o ring) or even people getting sloppy adding oil after a change and spilling. When I was building my stage 3 S4 I had a gooey like sludge all across the top of my block and I cleaned it up and did all new seals and it has not showed up.