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02-13-2016, 02:44 AM
Hello. Im sitting here looking at diffrent turbo's.
I have been looking at a


I have been told that the K04 can deliver around 240 HP, and the GT2860 deliver around 300-350..

I just wanna hear your openion on wich one that you would recommend ? Also what need ekstra to be made on the car. I know that i need a new manifold for the GT2860.

I have a Audi A4 B5 Avant 1.8T AEB 1997

02-13-2016, 05:02 AM
I would do the GT because ball bearing which should spool faster in theory

Everything graciously mispelled by Android

02-13-2016, 07:58 AM
^Not sure if serious [confused]

02-13-2016, 08:37 AM
My advise. Is do nothing for now and read till you know what's needed without asking people.

Frankenturbo f21 over k04.

02-13-2016, 10:59 AM
You do not necessarily need a new manifold if you go with the gt2860. APR uses that one in their stage 3+ kit and uses the kkk flange.

Don't get a k04

02-13-2016, 11:16 AM
GTRS eliminator or Franken turbo. You will need new injectors and a tune for sure. plus a Front Mount intercooler (CXracing 2.5in kits works well), and an exhaust. But I suggest selling your AEB and buying a later model car like a 2001 with an AWM. Easier to tune.

02-13-2016, 01:15 PM
Both of those turbo's are garbage. At least get a Garrett gt30.

02-13-2016, 01:42 PM
Not sure he is getting into engine building territory. If tune is not proper, he will window his stock block.

02-14-2016, 05:56 AM
What it comes down to is: How much money do you want to put into the car? What HP numbers do you want to hit? The larger the HP, the larger the turbo, the more money it's going to cost.

02-14-2016, 10:01 AM
Both of those turbo's are garbage. At least get a Garrett gt30.

This. If you plan and tune right you can run a gt30 sized turbo on a stock block... Ive been running my gtx2867r (which is torquier) on a stock block for over a year now...a limited 16psi is still wicked fun!

This is literally all I have in the motor...
- PagParts Vband GTX2867r
- IE intake + s4 Throttle body
- APR front mount w/ upgraded cold side piping
- USRT G2 630s on a basic eurodyne file