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01-24-2016, 09:06 AM
2016 Winter Promo - 15% off and Free Shipping Over $99.00

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Promo Code: NEW16

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Ends 1/25/16 @Midnight EST

Winter is here in full force now, let's not forget to take care of your rides. Got an itch to clean your car in the cold, we have some rinse less options.

Optimum No Rinse with Wax (https://www.detailersdomain.com/collections/rinseless/products/optimum-no-rinse-wash-38-wax-1-gal)
Adam's Waterless Wash (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/adams-waterless-wash-16-oz)
1Z einszett Waterless Wash (https://www.detailersdomain.com/collections/wash/products/1z-einszett-waterless-wash)

Lucky enough to be able to go the traditional wash route - Get that salt off! We have some great ways to help remove the salt with some great car washes and all purposes.

Adam's Car Wash (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/adams-new-car-shampoo)
Gyeon Bathe (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/gyeon-bathe-400ml-13-5oz)
1Z einszett W99 (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/1z-einszett-w99)

We have also been using fallout removers to assist in removing dirt, grime, and road salts.

Auto Finesse Iron Out (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/auto-finesse-iron-out-iron-remover-500-ml)
Sonax Fall Out Cleaner (https://www.detailersdomain.com/products/sonax-fallout-cleaner)
Gyeon Iron (https://www.detailersdomain.com/collections/paint-prep/products/gyeon-iron-500ml-16-9oz)

Don't forget to protect them after the salt removal!
Buy Protection! (https://www.detailersdomain.com/collections/wax-seal-coating)

Have a question, feel free to email me phil@detailersdomain.com

Keep it clean!