View Full Version : Hot air blows from side vents after cleaning A/C with cleaning foam....HELP!!

Nasty Mosquito
12-29-2015, 02:47 AM
Hi guys.

I need your help....

Couple of weeks ago I've decided to clean my A/C system with cleaning foam(no comments...)
I used one with 25 cm elastic hose.
During spraying-in the foam, I've noticed some leaks above glove box(not from the vent......!
Next day AC did not work at all.After 250 km A/C started to work properly.
I left my car for couple of days.When I came back and turned-on the A/C-it worked.But then, when the engine reached 90*C from both sides, passenger and diver , hot air blown out.Also on the windscreen.
I have cleaned up the pistons in the HVAC unit.It didn't solve the problem.
Obviously , I have drained some electricity with the cleaning foam .....

Here are the faults after scanning with VCDS:

00797 Sunlight Photo Sensor (G107)
009 - Open or Short to Ground
(thiss apperas twice in one window)

Also, right after "cleaning" vent system two of the faults appeared:

02763 Potentiometer for Motor of Indirect Ventilation Valve (G330),
007 - Short to Ground Freeze Frame

00041 Indirect Ventilation Flap Motor (V213)
003 - Mechanical Failure

I couldn't get rid of them them until couple of days ago.

I've checked if the motor V213 works.
While switching the modes of the vents it moves back and forward.
The motors behind the glove box works fine.
Flap motors inside the car are dry, no sign of any smears from foam .

Do I have to check the flap motors under the bonnet?

Is there any thermostat, sensor etc responsible for the flaps, air flow, etc....?

Where I can find this Potentiometer for Motor of Indirect Ventilation Valve (G330)?

I spent days and days on the internet but no one could help me...

The worse thing is - in 10 days I have to drive for 2500km in sauna conditions....

Hot air comes whenever the A/C i ON or OFF. Turning off the ventilation helps but windows get foggy these days.....
On mode "front vents" when I close the side ones , hot air start to blow from the center....

Is it normal to have some liquid where the pistons are -HVAC(is it coolant?)
If I put fingers on the HVAC unit and other person will switch the ventilation flow modes on the panel, will I notice pistons are working?.I have stetoscope :D
One more question-those pistons go up and down only when the A/C is on or both modes - A/C and normal ventilation?

I know-so many questions but Iam desperated for solution...




12-29-2015, 08:48 AM
Not trying to be a dick, but was it really necessary to create a post that is almost exactly the same as one a few posts down below yours?


Nasty Mosquito
12-29-2015, 10:23 AM
Sorry, I am looking for help on many audi forums.
I forgot to mention [headbang] - I've already cleaned the HVAC control unit valves(as the very first thing on my list)....
It did not help at all [mad]