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10-15-2005, 11:54 PM
I got around to test driving the A3 2.0T FWD Stick and DSG. And I pushed a little bit and I didn't like the understeer plow feeling bordering the limits (which I didn't think I'd reach so early) =/. I'm coming from a WRX and was hoping to get the same grin on the face drive but I didn't =(. Is there a huge difference with the sports package suspension and tires regarding that? Will the Quattro Haldex be a better replacement? I was worried to try a FWD being a RWD and AWD in the past. I had positive anticipation with original comments I've read of people going from AWD to FWD but I don't see it =/. Also, people chipping the car, can the front wheels handle the power? The wheels wanted to spin even on 2nd gear giving it gas. I want to love this car because I don't have anything else I like and I want a weekend autocrosser and daily driver with stability control =(.

10-16-2005, 06:56 AM
Hey NY,
All VAG cars understeer......as long as I've been alive. Our families rabbit even understeerd horrifically. Just a fact of life for german engineered vehicles to have understeer built in. In there opinion, understeer is safer, because you have to reduce speed to correct an understeering car. Now, that said....you can easily correct this issue.
By stiffening up the rear of any car, you can dial out understeer. Cheapest and most effective way of doing this is by installing a rear sway bar (rsb). A RSB stiffens the rear between the rear suspension allowing for a lower roll center, less roll and hence reduced understeer. Now that is said, you will need one large sob rsb! There is lots of understeer to dial out. On my MK4 VW I had to run two rsb's. One thick nospeed bar with a shine bar as well, in the torsion beam. Two bars didn't even get rid of all the understeer. So if you do track/autox the car alot, you will still notice understeer. Now that said, I have found that being on the understeer side of neutral handling is a little better than being on the oversteer side. But thats just personal preference.
Anyhow......adding stiffer suspension at this point, will help out as well.
Hope this helps a bit.

Also your traction concerns may have alot to do with Audi's choice of all season tires used. Better tires = better traction.

10-16-2005, 11:37 AM
I agree with ehtreeee the understeer was greatly reduced upon installation of my kw and H&r sway. however i didnt think it was all that bad to begin with. My car is a sport pkg shich may have something to do with it as i have driven premiums which imho handled terrible in comparison (neither handling to where i wanted hence the suspension upgrades). i am also used to rear wheel dr as my last car was a e36 m3 but if you are not planning on mods then go with the soprt pkg. Im a bit shocked to hear you say there is such a big dif from the wrx cuz several people who have posted on other forums that either have or had wrx's said they were happy with the switch and the handleing of the a3. good luck