View Full Version : Catch 22 - can't access tech info

10-19-2015, 03:10 PM
I'm having difficulty using this forum. I'm try to figure out how to change my serpentine belt, but all the searches are dead ends that say access denied because I don't have enough privileges. Forum rules say you need "X" number of posts, then get privileges. Also you are not to post asking a question because you are supposed to search first. I do a search which then leads to dead end because of lack of privileges prevents me from opening a link to the tech section with the info I'm looking for. What gives here? I'm also on BenzWorld forum (R129-SL500) without issues in accessing info. Can someone please help me out here? Garet

11-03-2015, 01:09 PM
Hi there I've done the serpentine belt on my b7 s4 I followed joe cucurro's diy just google Audi s4 b7 serpentine belt and you'll see it come up straight away hope this helps pal

11-05-2015, 09:47 AM
Thanks for the suggestion sweeney 1983. I've been trying to come up with posts in order to increase my access. Does anyone know if the WIKI part of this section of the forum is working. When I click on the link I get a blank page.

12-17-2015, 02:26 PM
Nope, Wiki is blank for me as well. Your best bet is to search using the google search in the top right of the screen.

Don't bother with the Forum Search function, it sucks and no one uses it.