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chris the man
10-10-2015, 11:56 AM
WTB: WTB/WTT for B7 S4 avant or sedan! (http://www.panjo.com/buy/wtb-wtt-for-b7-s4-avant-or-sedan-225878?utm_source=audizine&utm_medium=bbcode&utm_campaign=auto_thread&utm_content=title)

Hello! I have a 2008 335i I would like to trade for a B7 S4. I can add cash or sell the car out right!

VIN: available by PM.
Car has 89k miles and is NOT AWD.

This car has been meticulously maintained and serviced, as we are only the third owner. The car has a clean and clear title! Just want AWD for Colorado!

This model features every possible extended and selective option from BMW
Sport Package W/oil cooler
Idrive vehicle management and On Screen Navigation
Logic 7
Dynamic Sound package "Harmon Kardon"
Comfort Access with 2 keys.
Full Sirius radio with GPS
Cold Weather Package "heated seats"
Sport Seats
Sport brushed aluminum trim
Dynamic/Adaptive Cruise Control
Limited Dakota "Dark" Brown Interior
Full 20% window tint and eyebrow
Staggered Rim Set

Additional Modifications I have added
Handmade Alcantara steering wheel with Dakota leather stripe and stitching
The vehicle is tuned on Berger Motorsports Jb5 engine software
CPe performance intakes
LED Green Halo rings have factory as well.
Msport Font Lip
Im sure a few other things I am forgetting.

360WHP/410WTQ Peak torque at 3.6krpm!

Since I have decided to sell the car to establish more liquid funds for our business. I have had the vehicle checked and re-checked for any possible malfunctions or problems. Absolutely no problems are present.

Recent Services (ALL RECORDS FOR PROOF) all work I requested

10/1/15 vehicle full service fluids. Differential, Brake fluids, Oil, Coolant and power steering
9/1/15 fuel system cleaner and treatment
6/1/15 Walnut blast, clean intake ports, new intake manifold gasket
4/1/15 Oil service, general inspection
9/22/14 --Full Oil Service/Vehicle Inspection BMW oil and MANN filter
10/31/14 --100k mile service. New Water pump, New thermostat, New coolant housing, New expansion tank, and full thermostat assembly.
11/17/14 -- New oil filter housing assembly, New oil gaskets, New oil cooler seal
11/17/14 -- Full oil service
11/18/14 -- BrandNew set of tires Bridgestone GForce GT2, performance alignment
11/26/14 -- New Interstate Battery with reprogramming.

The only receipts I am missing, but can prove is for
1/01/14 -- New version 7 injectors and spark plugs installed
7/01/14 -- Brand new Brakes, Pads, Rotors and sensors "Front and Rear"
7/01/14 -- tested fuels pumps, and removed downpipes to check for leaks, oil.

The Bad:
Minor rock chips on front bumper

This car has been the best BMW I have ever owned. I am a very Avid enthusiast and have had all work on this car performed at AZ Bimmer Motor Werks, and Munich Motors ever since we moved from Colorado.

Please let me know if you have any questions! 7193510891

List Date: 10/10/2015

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10-10-2015, 01:07 PM
Would you trade for a b6 s4 that has had the timing chain and all related components replaced? 2004 B6 S4 in immola yellow on coilovers