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10-02-2015, 11:19 PM
I have a Chinese RNS-E knockoff for sale. Works great, the only problem is the front has some weird sticky stuff peeling from the previous owner. It has streaming Bluetooth, and hands-free for cell phone. Plays DVDs, and has navigation. Steering wheel controls work with the unit and the titles work with FIS display. It looks very similar to the RNS-E model. Sorry for no pics just email me for some, fernandj at gmail.com. Reason for selling i didn't need navigation and missed satellite radio i live in a real rural area, and radio sucks here. Comes with adapters for a B6, i even got the antenna adapters, no guarentee it will get good reception since i don't think this works with the diversity system in a B6 maybe a B7.
asking 350 shipped.