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09-20-2015, 01:21 PM
2007 Audi RS4 Misano Red/black 50k miles excellent condition w/extras (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2007-audi-rs4-misano-red-black-50k-miles-excellent-condition-w-extras-220751)

***Updated price is $34,000 for the car, $36,000 for the car with winter wheel/tires and flat bottom steering wheel***

2007 Audi RS4- Misano Red 50,800 miles. Black leather interior.

For sale is my 2007 Audi RS4. This is a 2nd car for me and I am moving into something a little less practical! It took me a year to find the right RS4 and this is an excellent example of a lower mileage RS4 in great condition with all the right options and additional OEM parts. Truly the best car I have ever owned, it has been reliable and a ton of fun.

I am the 2nd owner and purchased as a CPO vehicle from Audi Exchange in Highland Park, IL. The carfax shows a second owner before me of a few months of ownership, I believe the sales manager had titled it since he was using it as his personal vehicle for a few months, but could look into this further if needed.

Car has the premium package and sunroof, black leather interior with silver accents as well as Euro OEM flat bottom steering wheel I installed. Heated seats. To me this is the perfect color combo since the interior trim matches the steering wheel. I also have a 2nd set of OEM RS4 wheels (painted black) with Blizzak winter tires. Few blemishes on the black winter wheels, the summer silver set is near perfect. Overall condition of the car is excellent. Exterior the normal stone chips are present but overall is great. Interior the drivers side seat and bolster are good as well. I am very careful when getting in and out since these seats are prone to wear in that area. Passenger seat and rear seat in excellent shape besides 1 small indent on rear bench mentioned below. This is the perfect year around car and is a dream in the rain/snow as well as on road and on the track. No front license plate holes!

Premium Package
Euro RS4 flat bottom steering wheel
2nd set of OEM RS4 wheels w Blizzak winter tires
Audi Sport interior mats (original carpet included)
Window Tint
New OEM carbon fiber engine cover. Original still installed and has yellowed slightly which is normal. When I got the car I complained about this and dealer ordered a new one which I never installed.
K&N air filter
Motul transmission fluid flushed at 45k miles
Stoptech brake pads and Motul 600 Brake fluid at 45k miles
Audi rear seat cover (older heavy duty one with 4 rings logo)
California Car cover (generic fit, not custom but hugs car nicely)
New front rotors when I purchased the car so they are in good shape.

Rear window electric curtain seems to be stuck in the down position. I never cared to fix it since the windows are tinted and I would never have used it anyway.
Small indent in the rear bench seat (pictured). Previous owner had something heavy or a child seat resting there and it has a minor indent.
The flat bottom wheel has some minor wear and tear (pics below).
Rear rotors will need replacing in the future.

I have 2 DE track events on the car that were with the Audi Chicago Club. No off track incidents at all. I am very careful and controlled and say I never go past 8/10 or push the car too hard. No burnouts,dropped clutch etc in any way. Unsure about previous owner getting a carbon clean but I have not done one. No issues with CEL's or any notice of loss of performance since my ownership. I realize some people feel strongly about this but I have never felt that it's down on power.

Located in Chicago, but I travel to NY and SC areas so open to possible delivery options to Northeast and Southeast. Open to traveling to other areas as well.

Without the winter setup and flat bottom wheel the price of the car is $34,000. With the winter wheels/tires it's $36,000. I'm confident I can get $3,000 combined for the wheels/tires and Euro wheel separately but would like to see them go all together and $2k is a great deal for it all.

Email mdolly21atgmaildotcom or call/text 8fourseven83zero08seven0

List Date: 9/20/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2007 Audi RS4 Misano Red/black 50k miles excellent condition w/extras (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2007-audi-rs4-misano-red-black-50k-miles-excellent-condition-w-extras-220751)
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09-29-2015, 06:32 PM
Will you sell the Euro RS4 flat bottom steering wheel separately? Have a PM to you