View Full Version : 2001 2.7t a6 150k miles urgent

09-08-2015, 05:54 PM
Hey guys,
The old girl finally bit it, the timing belt went and the labor to inspect internal damage is more than I'm willing to pay.

I've kept up with repairs and have receipts. The car is in Hackensack nj and must be towed. It is at my audi mechanic who had performed all work since I bought the car 4 years ago.

Outstanding items I haven't corrected yet:
Torque converter code, ,doesn't show any affects to performance, more of a pure determined milage light as I understand it.
Scratching to lower front and rear bumper, small puncture in rear bumper.
No floor mats
Loose center armrest cover.

Things practically new, less than an oil change ago.
Brand new headlight bulbs
New coolant reservoir and sensor
Brand new blaupart complete oem front control arm kit.
New front brake rotors and pads.
Good tread on all 4 tires
New front wheel bearings
New Sai pump

The car runs strong before the toning belt went. Perfect 2.7t project car/engine

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09-09-2015, 05:16 AM
Also car is Quattro with apb engine. Beige interior with that purple grayish exterior

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